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Get Lit

Apr 26, 2021

In this episode, the focus will be on the Impact You Can’t Get Present To as a leader. It is a discussion along with how your blindspots work and expanding your range as a leader. Also in this episode are these discussion points: What does the phrase the Impact You Can’t Get Present To means?, What blindspots mean, what it does, and ways to get feedback, the distinction between leadership and therapy, your familiar and unfamiliar zone of leadership, managing and providing feedback as a leader and keeping your ego safe, and sitting with the impact.

Also, listeners are invited to join the third and last round of creating clients' courses for the year. It has produced over 30 graduates from its two runs. This course will pull apart the broken thinking about creating clients or sales and how that works refining those places where there are assumptions, obvious truths, or any of that sort, to build a beautiful foundation to create powerful relationships with people and deepen it.

Discover your blind spots and embrace them as a leader. Do not miss this chance to learn the hows to improve as a leader through this episode.