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Get Lit

Mar 29, 2021

Today’s show focuses on the topic at hand -- the Right Action and Right Being. Two separate and interwoven components to effective leadership. What is action and being of leadership? Why is knowing it necessary for leaders? What do right action and right being mean?

In this episode, the terms and distinction between action and being of leadership will be made known. There will also be a discussion on the following -- The long-term and short-term results of having the right action and right being, How to strike a balance between the two, The challenges of having the right action and the right being. Know why it matters as a leader and what to do with it.

A segway on the benefits that joiners will get out of the Creating Clients Course will be presented. It is a course that will break apart the false dichotomy to begin building the foundation to learn how to create sales, prosperity, and clients by simply expressing oneself as who you are in the world, deepening and creating relationships with people, and being of service. It is all about getting people somewhere with joy! If you want to learn about it and more as a leader, register now to reserve virtual seats for May 2021 through this page

If you are a leader who is seeking answers on how to do more of the things you love and doing less of the things you least like, then this episode might give you the lightbulb! It is time to listen to this episode.